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What kind of food are you serving?

Lunch will be provided. Vegetarian option is available.

What if I want to be a spectator, but do not wish to participate in the run?

Not interested in running, but want to come out and celebrate with your friends? Purchase one of our spectator tickets, which includes ferry transportation to and from the race, as well as drinks and refreshments at our party on the island's prairie.

What if I want to leave before the end of the race/boat back to the city?

There are water taxis you can call to pick you up from the island, but that will be at your own cost.

Will there be an after-race celebration?

Runners will enjoy a variety of delicious food and drink items.

Can I take a shower after the race?

No, we will not have shower facilities on the island.

What are the parking accommodations?

There are many lots around the Seaport District area where we will board the boat.

Where is the start and how do I get there?

The actual start location on the island is currently TBD, but it will be located close to the pier.

Will there be bag-check?

Yes, we will have staff on site to check your bags for safe-keeping during the race. Bag check will be clearly marked on the boat.

What distance is this race?

The race is 5K (3.1 miles) distance or 5 miles.

What if it rains?

The race will take place come rain, snow or shine, but you will be notified if we have to postpone.

Can I get a refund if I register but don’t run?

No refunds will be offered for this event.

Can I run with my dog?

No – dogs are not allowed on the island.

Can I run with a baby jogger/bring children to watch the run?

Sorry, baby joggers and strollers are not allowed in the race. This is a 21+ event; no one under 21 will be permitted on the boat or on the island for the duration of the event.

I signed up for the 5M (or 5K). Can I run the 5K (or 5M) instead?

Yes, but you'll need to switch your race assignment (shown in your confirmation email) via our transfer form.

What does my registration include?

Registration includes the boat ride to and from Spectacle Island, admittance to the 5K or 5 mile run, and a catered lunch and beverages after the run.